SVDP Example

Please explore this simple example that was used for a real registration. This registration was created to be used as a stand-alone page (not embedded as we have done below merely for demonstration purposes).  You may enter information into this form as this is a copy of the original.  To view the form in its original look, click Here

Some features worth noting about this form:

  • It is a long form, so the user is allowed to save progress and pick up at a later time
  • User can choose cash or check for payment, and the system tracks all successful payments
    • No payment information is stored on our servers
  • You might notice some fields disappear if you select workshops that overlap times
  • Depending on your selection, you may receive an email with special follow-up instructions for that particular item.
  • The email confirmation also contains additional information such as hotel and directions.

When you get to the payment page, you can use the test credit card to complete a test payment:

Credit Card#: 4242 4242 4242 4242
CCV: 123
Date: January 2017