NPO Together! stores

NPO Together! gives you our own store page with your own logo to feature your products or services.

Click “Shop” to go directly to the products page for the entire inventory.

The store feature is brand new, so bare with us as we add product examples.

If you wish to sell your products or services online and do not want the hassle, contact us to get registered (contact form is at the bottom of contact us page). You can sell physical products, documents or files, or services.nonprofit-showcase

NPO Together! collects all payments for all products sold and makes PayPal payments every two days to the vendor. NPO Together! collects a 5.5% service fee for all products or services posted to NPO Together!  This fee includes NPO Together! paying the PayPal transaction fee.

Once your product sells we will send you an email with all transaction details.

Click the “All Products” menu item above view the entire store.  Storefronts for specific organizations will be added to the menu as requested.