Event/Registration Forms

Let NPO Together! create your next event registration, survey, online order form or online donation widget for you!

With NPO Together! forms, you can track and collect payments, embed the form easily into your own website, or use a dedicated URL for your registration form. You can export all the data you need into manageable spreadsheets. And best of all, there’s no monthly fee!

The only cost associated is paid by the registrant. NPO Together! charges $0.82 per registrant when users register and pay for an event online! To inquire about a customized form, created free for you, please fill out the contact form below. For larger, more complicated projects we may assign a nominal fee for the time involved.nonprofit-300x244

You have enough to keep you busy running an organization, let us do the geek-work! You can make your form if you wish, but why not let us do it free of charge and save you time!
NPO Together! forms can also be integrated with MailChimp. This means you can solicit the information you need for any specific event or donation, and add a person’s information into MailChimp at the same time- the user can “opt in” to your mailing list. This is an excellent way to grow your mailing list!

To inquire about a registration system for your organization, please fill out the form below: