Web Hosting

website-hostingYou are a nonprofit, not an IT company! Nobody expects you to know how to setup a webpage and make sure your email is working.

NPO Together! strongly encourages nonprofits to migrate to a Google Apps for Nonprofit account; it provides free email hosting under your own domain, within a Gmail environment. We don’t, however, recommend Google to host your webpage.

If you find that sites like GoDaddy and others do not fit within your budget, we will provide web hosting service to you for just a few dollars a month. We can help get you setup on a WordPress site and teach you how to maintain your own site. hosting-package-nonprofit

If you just want something simple and don’t want to bother with purchasing your own domain, we can provide you a “mini-site” off of npotogether.org (example: npotogether.org/youragencyname, and provide you email through the npotogether.org domain (example:yourname_youragencyname@npotogether.org).

If you wish to contact us about web hosting, please fill out the information below: