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Our Services Helping nonprofits do good, better

  • Free or low cost technology

    Small nonprofits should not be spending money on licenses or fancy internet hosting plans. We will educate you on the free, or nearly free, alternatives to what you need to do; phone systems, teleconference systems, video conferencing. Let NPO Together! work with you to migrate to a free cloud-based system and we will manage your domains and hosting for you headache free!

  • Streamlining data collection

    Efficient data collection is important. No matter if you are collecting information for a fundraiser, accepting job applications online, soliciting donations online or planning a large event - even small nonprofits should look professional when they are planning an event. Most event registration sites are too cost prohibitive for a small nonprofit. However, simply asking for an email RSVP and trying to track responses on your own can be a pain. Let us teach you how to automate that process for you using simple (and free) or more advanced methods. We have systems that can handle large and complicated event registrations, along with automated payment that can be collected by YOU, and we will work to fit well below your budget.

  • online store for nonprofits

    Need a place to sell your extra books? Having a craft fundraiser and you want better exposure to sell the products? Does your organization want to have an online store front but you don't want the hassle? Does your organization have a service that they wish to sell but don't have time to manage the online system? We make it easy for you and provide you with a store page for you! We provide you with a simple interface to provide your product details, and you get your OWN storefront page that you can share! Your products can also be listed in the "general" catalog for anybody to buy.